About us

TAB Polska Sp. z o.o. is the exclusive representative of the leading manufacturer of high quality traction batteries, stationary batteries and starter batteries TOPLA, TAB, VOLTHOR and TAXXON - TAB S.A. from Slovenia. The company successfully conquers the Polish and the former USSR markets with great success. Representation was established in Poland in 2001. and was the first branch of a factory in Europe. Currently, TAB S.A. has branches in Spain, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Russia and distributors in Greece, Germany and England.

The TAB company was founded in 1965 as one of the companies belonging to the Holding Rudnik Meźica in the area where lead-processing activities have been carried out for 350 years. For the first 15 years, TAB produced under license from TUDOR - Sweden. After 1980, the company launched its own research and development department, whose activity resulted in its own production of all types of lead-acid batteries, VRLA with adjustable valve in AGM technology, and VRLA Gel produced in three modern computerized factories employing approx. 1,300 employees in four locations:


In the first location of Žerjav, Slovenia, there is a factory of industrial batteries with annual production capacities of 1.8 million cells for traction and station batteries.

In the second location in Črna na Koroškem, Slovenia there is a starter battery factory Topla, TAB, TAXXON, Volthor with annual production capacity of 3.0 million items.

In the third location in Žerjav, Slovenia, there is a recycling plant producing ca. 30,000 tons of soft lead per year, from 60,000 tons of waste batteries and accumulators.

In the fourth location in Probishtip, Macedonia, there is a starter battery factory producing 1.5 million batteries per year, and a recycling plant producing annually about 5,000 tons of soft lead from 10,000 tons of waste batteries and accumulators.

High-quality batteries are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO / TS 16949 standards - known all over the world, in particular and especially in Europe, Asia and America.

TAB manufactures all types of lead-acid batteries and offers after-sales professional service to meet the needs of its customers. The ambition of the company is to do its job better than the competition - in a unique way. We want to achieve a high degree of recognition and positive evaluation of the company and its products by customers (buyers and suppliers).

In addition to business development, production and sales of high quality products, TAB develops cooperation with factories operating in the industry: with buyers, suppliers and their employees by improving the terms of cooperation.


1964 - takeover of the Vesna starter battery factory by Holding Rudnik Meźica (Holding Lead Mine Meźica)

1965 - establishment of TAB inside the Rudnik Meźica Holding. Signed license agreement with the Swedish company TUDOR.

1966 - entry into European markets, delivery of starter batteries to the FIAT group began.

1972 - signing of a contract with the French company Simca, soon after with Peugeot, Renault, Citroen.

1980 - license expired with TUDOR, Sweden.

1989 - after 1987. when Vesna separated from TAB, the company decided to build its own starter battery factory - TOPLA.

1995 - in March obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate issued by BVQI London.

1998 - in May, received the ISO 14001 certificate issued by BVQI London.

2000 - production of starter batteries in Ca / Ca technology with expanded grids started in August.

2001 - in March obtaining the EAQF certificate issued by BVQI London.

2001 - at the end of 2001. the first representative office of TAB was opened in Poland - TAB Polska.

2003 - TAB became an OEM supplier for the Massey Ferguson tractor factory.

2004 - at the beginning of 2004, the first representative office of TAB in Russia - TAB-RUS was opened.

2005 - opening of the TAB Starter Spain s.l., Spain branch

2005 - opening of the Baterija d.o.o. branch, Croatia

2006 - TAB Batteries AG, Switzerland

2007 - opening of the ISO / TS 16949 certificate, issued by Bureau Veritas Certification

2010 - opening of the LA BATTERIA branch - TAB Italia S.p.A., Italy

2010 - opening of the TAB Baterije d.o.o., Serbia branch