TAB e.motive

TAB e.motive batteries are designed to deliver longer cycle life, reduction of the total ownership costs, higher productivity and faster charging and are completely maintenance free. TAB BMS (Battery Management System) allows you to monitor the status and health of the battery at any time.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) traction batteries

Ecology and planet:

TAB lithium-ion batteries are designed for a sustainable future for our planet,
Lack of liquid acids in the event of an accident,
Smaller Co2 footprint,
Better energy efficiency due to lower charging losses,


There is no need to use a central charging station,
Greater flexibility of decentralized charging stations (in the case of a built-in charger),
No explosion hazard and no odours due to gassing,
Longer working time and increased productivity thanks to fast and occasional charging,
The Li-Ion TAB battery system is completely maintenance-free,
No need to ensure a safe distance from the charging station - opens up new possibilities when planning storage space,

Intelligent TAB battery management with LCD-TFT monitoring:


TAB service software:

Real-time data logging
Communication via Can Bus
Shows warning/error/alarm

Longer working time:

Occasional charging possible at any time,
High-performance rectifiers,
Higher capacity due to better energy density,


30% reduced total costs
No need to invest in battery rooms with ventilation system and extractors,
Long service life,
Low self-discharge,

Battery System Specifications:

Production Solution: Li-Ion

Technology: LiFePO4

Voltage Range: 12V-80V

Capacity Range: 100Ah to 1000Ah

Number of cycles (DOD cycle 80%): 2500+

Operating temperature: -10/+55C

Charging temperature: 0/+40C

Charging time: 2h - Fast charging, 4h - Normal charging,
Protection index: IP54 (IP67 optional)
Battery dimensions: DIN, BS, Extra load, Individually customized,
Rectifier: TAB Li-Ion rectifier
Battery management system: Integrated TAB BMS, (Data Logger Optional)
Communication: CAN, RS485, Individually customized,
Standards/Certificates: IEC 62133-2, IEC 62619, ISO 12405-2, ISO 9001, ...