TAB traction batteries

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We present our TAB traction batteries, which with their quality satisfy the most demanding users for over half a century. Batteries are known for their: high capacity, long service life, vibration resistance, short charging time, low distilled water consumption, simple operation.

From individual 2V cells, we connect batteries of different voltages, capacities and dimensions, which we are able to adapt to all types of electric vehicles.

The wide range of the production program includes DIN (EPzS) and BS (PzB) cells in accordance with EN60254 – 1.2 and IEC 254-1.2.

The use of batteries. TAB traction batteries of EPzV and PzB types are designed to drive various electric vehicles: forklifts, cleaning machines and even, in a special version, for locomotives in mines, etc.

Both versions are produced in:

DRY-CHARGED VERSION: the battery/cell must be replenished with electrolyte and additionally charged before use. The plates are already formed and protected in a special process against oxidation. They can be stored up to 2 years.
CHARGE VERSION: the battery/cell can be installed immediately as they are already filled with electrolyte and charged.

We highly recommend the USE OF ADDITIONAL SYSTEMS:

  • CENTRAL WATER REPLENISHMENT SYSTEM, which enables quick and precise operation of the entire battery in all operating conditions.
  • Electrolyte level sensor that informs about the electrolyte level. A green light indicates that there is the right level, flashing red means that the electrolyte level is below the minimum and the battery must be filled with distilled water to avoid permanent damage.
  • ELECTROLYTE MIXING SYSTEM that allows electric trucks to work for two or even three shifts by reducing the battery charging time to 5-6 hours.