Design and construction of a battery room as a comprehensive service provided by TAB Polska.

The scope of our company's services includes, among others design and implementation of the battery room (electrical side, ventilation, battery charging and replacement sites, systems for the production and distribution of demineralized water, analysis of energy consumption costs and the aforementioned battery charging monitoring systems.

Battery-operated closed rooms are nothing more than separate rooms for battery charging. In such places it is easy to keep order and to easily ventilate the room. Thanks to the adaptation of the additional space for battery rooms, we have separate areas, which only authorized persons have access to, and the advantage is better control of charging systems and longer battery life.

Battery-operated open

If the investor does not have a free room and it is known that any storage or production space is worth its weight in gold, you can design so-called open battery. Appropriate separation of the place of charging and de-venting completely meets the conditions of battery operation, and makes this place safe for both users and batteries.

The batteries in such rooms can be covered with special ventilation hoods or, for a better cover, modules in which the batteries are inserted directly from the forklift.

Designing rectifier power supply installations and controlling the system together with their execution

In order to charge the battery in a safe and controlled manner, it is worth designing a separate electrical installation that simultaneously controls the ventilation processes. Such a solution will allow us not only to estimate the costs associated with charging the battery, but also to reduce costs.

Designing and performing ventilation

To ensure proper conditions in the rooms or places of charging the battery, it is necessary to design adequate ventilation. The whole room can be ventilated as well as the visible part only (example with hoods). It should be remembered that proper ventilation together with the hydrogen detection system eliminates the explosion zone in such a room.

Example of eaves ventilation:

Based on our own experience, we design cargo traction batteries for our customers in accordance with the PN-EN 50273-3 standard, thus providing safety and working culture with batteries as a source of power for forklifts. Our projects also mean savings for customers. The control systems as well as the products we offer provide much less energy consumption as well as lower failure rates.